Dinner Theatre Servers

Dinner Theatre is our biggest fundraiser for SendMeNow summer missions, where college students from all BCMs in Georgia are sent on mission trips around the world to spread the Gospel.  This year's show, Mary Poppins, has already sold out all dinner and dessert shows, so we will have 184 guests to serve at each show!  In order to make this fundraiser a success, we need BCM students to serve at the shows.  

If you can help serve at any shows, please CLICK HERE to sign-up.  

It's okay if you have never been a server before.  We will also need hosts and other help if you are not comfortable with serving tables.  If you are able to serve at multiple or all the shows, that would be great!  Our greatest need is at the Friday and Saturday dinner shows.  

Serving Times Needed:

Friday Dinner: 5:15pm-8ish

Saturday Dessert: 1:00pm-3:30ish

Saturday Dinner:  5:15pm-8ish

Sunday Dessert: 1:00pm-3:30ish

Time to Arrive:

If you are serving at a dinner, be at the BCM no later than 5:15pm.

If you are serving at a dessert show, be at the BCM no later than 1:00pm.

What to Wear: 

All servers should wear black pants (not tights or leggings) and white button-up shirt.  (If you don't have a white button-up shirt, a white collared shirt or white blouse will be okay).  

Girls, please pull at least part of your hair back.

Other Info:

You will need to eat lunch or dinner before you come.  Food will not be provided.

Do not park in the BCM parking lot.  It will be reserved for guests.

After dessert is served and everyone goes upstairs, we will need you to help clean and reset the tables. 

Mary Poppins Student Shows

CLICK HERE to purchase your student show tickets for only $10!

Must have a valid college student ID for student shows.

Thursday, March 1 at 7PM

Monday, March 5 at 7PM

Deaf Retreat

Dates: March 23-25, 2018

Location: Macon, Georgia

Deadline: March 15 (to get a t-shirt)

Online Registration: CLICK HERE

Cost: $10 (CLICK HERE to pay online)

Come join us for a weekend of fun and fellowship!  We will be traveling to Macon, Georgia to work on service projects, hang out with the Deaf community in Macon, and go to the Cherry Blossom Festival!  If you don't know ASL, don't stress it.  We will have voice interpreters there all weekend.  The cost is only $10 and includes a t-shirt and 3 meals.  

Note: You will have to provide your own transportation to the retreat in Macon and will have to pay for one dinner and one lunch during the retreat.  We will be sleeping on the floor at Mabel White Baptist Church, so you will need to bring an air mattress/cot, sheets/sleeping bag, etc.  You must register online and pay the $10 registration fee by March 15 to receive a t-shirt.