2019-2020 B Team ApPlications

Please read the expectations and requirements before applying. 

All interviews will be held at an INTERVIEW RETREAT, 9:30am - 5pm Saturday, March 23. 

The "interview" process will be all day Saturday, March 23 (9:30-4:30) at the BCM. You will be in a small group most of the day in a "retreat" style format, getting to know each other, sharing passions, visions-- dreaming together for reaching our campus more effectively. If any of the required dates on the application are impossible for you to reschedule, or you have other questions, contact Jerry asap.

Deadline to Apply: March  18.





UGA BCM:  Vision, Mission and strategy

…reach students at UGA and disciple them to be Christian leaders.

MAIN FOCUS-- to build a vibrant, Christ-centered community of love and authenticity who are balanced in their inward and outward discipleship.

GOAL -- Students who are involved in the BCM, within 18 months of graduation, will be leading and serving the church to...  

  • Develop a missional community
  • Live/plant/work among an unreached / unengaged group (in your workplace/ with a mission organization)
  • Planting or Strengthening your church in needed areas
  • prepare further for vocational ministry


Value #1 – GO

   to our campus (Outward, Gospel focused)


   the BCM disciples students who will disciple students:  Student Led, Church Related, Christ Centered

Value #3 – CONNECT

   People not Projects #glorystory -- know, do and tell the good news of the gospel.