Men's & Women's Ministries

Our men’s and women’s ministries aim to create easy access points to invite friends into our ministry. We want to create community between brothers and sisters in Christ, be intentional in forming relationships with each other, and learn to share the Gospel together. Several events will be held throughout the year for both our guys and girls to grow together and fellowship with each other. 

For more information, contact:

  Mary Tydall

Freshman Ministry

Our freshman ministry aims to provide incoming freshmen with community at UGA. We want them to know that they are a vital part of not only UGA, but BCM! We hope to foster new friendships and encourage growth in students’ relationships with Christ. We hold several freshman events throughout the year and we hope everyone coming in will feel welcomed and at home here at BCM.

For more information, contact:

Mary Tyndall

Transfer ministry

The focus of the transfer ministry is to welcome and connect transfer students with not only BCM, but UGA and Athens as a whole. We all belong here! We will host events and a small group "DawgPack!", a weekly time to grow together and help transfer students find their way around Athens -- potlucks featuring get-to-know-you games and testimonies, and trips around the city.   We want to help transfer students not only get to know other people, but get plugged in all around the “Classic City.”

For more information, contact these transfer students:

Daniel Clark


Noah Englert

Senior Ministry

The goal of our senior ministry is to provide our senior students encouragement and love through both informative and fun events. We will attempt to ease the stress and anxieties graduation and change can bring as we prepare for this transition in life. Our hope is to be supportive and provide help as much as possible, but also to remind our seniors that it’s not over yet as we show our love for them and celebrate their final year together.  We want to challenge them to use their final year at UGA to see themselves as the "farm team" in serving missionally and to give Plus2, serving, living, working in a missional and intentional way either in their carreer path / full time missions in a strategic city for a couple of years here in the US or around the world.

deaf ministry

The Deaf are a people group spread worldwide in which only 2% are Christians. At BCM, we want to minister to the Deaf community at UGA and around Athens. Each Gathering service is interpreted, as well as many of our other events, including Dinner Theatre and a weekly American Sign Language DawgPack. The Deaf Ministry hosts events throughout the year conducted entirely in ASL. The annual Deaf Retreat also provides an opportunity for the Deaf and hearing communities to grow together, participate in service projects, and learn more about ASL and each other. If you have a passion for or interest in ASL, want to learn more about the Deaf community, or are Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing and want to learn more about the love of Jesus, come see what the Deaf Ministry is all about! For more information, to become an interpreter, to join the ASL DawgPack, or to request an interpreter, contact:

 Luke Bundrum