bcm Volunteer onboarding process

Our child protection policies have recently changed in order to ensure that we are effectively protecting children and youth that we work with.  It is now required that you complete this new process before volunteering with the BCM in any way (even if it is not an activity working directly with minors).

To start the process:

1. CLICK HERE to submit your name, email address, and date of birth.

2. Schedule an interview with a campus minister (before or after Gathering are great options).

3. Look for 4 emails from admin@ministrysafe.com and complete each one as soon as possible.  The first two will be sent at the same time; after completion, the last two will be sent.  You must complete all 4 and have an interview with someone on staff to be approved.  Please complete each email as soon as possible. 

1st Email: Link to watch Ministry Safe videos (watch all videos and take quiz at the end).

2nd Email: Code of Conduct (sign saying you agree to policy)

3rd Email: Background Check

4th Email: Application

If you did the old background paperwork before this school year, you do not have to re-do the entire process; you just need to the complete the videos and code of conduct.  Please email your full name and date of birth to llee.bcm@gabaptist.org to have those links sent to you.

If you have any questions about this process or which steps you still need to complete, come by the office or email Linsey: llee.bcm@gabaptist.org