FRequently asked questions

1. What is Ride for Christ?

Ride for Christ (RFC) is an annual fundraising bicycle ride during UGA’s fall break. Each year students from BCM travel together to Jacksonville, spending the long weekend cycling and fellowshipping, an experience that culminates with cheering on the Dawgs in the GA/FL football game. It is “300 miles in 30 hours” to raise funds to support SendMeNow collegiate summer missions!

2. When is Ride for Christ?

Ride for Christ takes place the weekend of fall break and the GA/FL game, October 31-Nov 3. The ride begins Thursday morning in Athens, and ends Friday afternoon in Jacksonville, FL. We return to Athens on Sunday.


3. Do I have to ride a bike to go on Ride for Christ?

Absolutely not! Participants in Ride for Christ can bike, drive, encourage, or be a prayer volunteer. You can even do all four!

4. Do I have to bike the whole 300 miles?

No, you don’t! While you are more than welcome to try for the whole 300, bikers are encouraged to go whatever distance they are comfortable going. For some that is 50 miles, for a few it is the full 300. It is a rare feat to make it the whole 300 miles!  Most riders have a partner (or two) about the same height and trade off as they need a break.  When you are not biking, you will participate in encouraging those who are biking.

5. What if I don’t have a road bike?

You do not have to own a bike of your own to participate.  However, you must have a road-specific bike to participate.  We strongly encourage you to borrow a bike from some so you can practice and train on the one you will use on the ride, but there are a very limited number of bikes available to rent.  For more info, contact our director, Conner Johnson, 678-314-1787.

6. What is required for the bike ride?

In order to ride a bike on the trip, you must use a road bike and have the following items: soft water bottle, bike shorts, helmet, and front & rear lights.  You may purchase biking equipment at a discounted rate through BCM.

7. Will there be opportunities for me to go on practice rides and get in shape for RFC?

Yes! We have practice scheduled.  As far as getting in shape, students are encouraged to exercise on an indoor bicycle to increase their fitness level.

8. How can I raise the $300 I need to sign up for RFC?

There are several ways to fundraise for RFC. Students in the past have written letters to family and friends, explaining what RFC is and asking for support. You can also ask businesses to sponsor you (for more information on obtaining sponsors, see RFC info sheet). There will also be an opportunity to ask for donations outside of BCM on football game days. To sign up for a slot, contact Conner Johnson.


9. Where does the $300 go?

The cost of participation includes an event t-shirt, transportation to and from Jacksonville, meals, snacks, and sports drinks in route to Jacksonville, as well as two nights at a church in Jacksonville. Any profit above our expenses (as well as additional donations raised) will go to the Georgia Baptist Mission Board’s SendMeNow summer missions fund. Students will be responsible for paying for meals and any other expenses once we reach Jacksonville.  

10. Can I buy a GA/FL ticket through BCM?

Buying a ticket through BCM is not guaranteed, but the BCM will have a limited number of ticket to sell at face value.  They will be available on a first come, first serve basis, and at an additional cost (NOT included in the $300.)  You may purchase a ticket only after you have turned in all registration materials including online registration, minimum $300, copy of insurance card, and a MVR form (if driving). 


11. What will I do on Saturday if I don’t go to the football game?

There will be a group of people who choose not to go to the game on Saturday. That group will decide what they want to do on that day. It has been a tradition in the past to go to The Cheesecake Factory.


12. What do I need to do to be a driver?

You must be approved in order to be a driver of any vehicle. To drive your own personal vehicle or someone else’s vehicle, you must also fill out an MRV form to be an approved driver (even if you are under 21). It is essential that we have lots of approved drivers to rotate driving responsibilities during the 30-hour ride. We will also need some participants to volunteer to bring their large personal vehicles for the journey. To bring your own personal vehicle, the owner must provide written consent for RFC volunteer to drive the car and provide proof of car insurance.  No driver will drive the entire time.  We drive in shifts.  All drivers will be required to take a turn on the sleep bus to rest! Contact our Driver Coordinator, about signing up as a driver.

13. What if I can’t leave on Thursday?

We understand if you are not able to leave with the first group, which will leave at around 8:00am. There will be different groups leaving at specified times throughout the day. Those times will be determined, as time gets nearer.


14. Will there be breaks and food provided along the way?

YES! Ride for Christ is a fully supported ride, with food, snacks, energy drinks, water and equipment for simple repairs along the way. We stop for breaks every 15-25 miles. We will take two long breaks (one for dinner Thursday night, and one for breakfast Friday morning) at two different churches to eat and rest for a little bit before hitting the road again.


15. Do we ride during the night?

Yes. The night riding is a very well-organized, structured process to ensure everyone’s safety.


16.  Can I sleep on Ride for Christ?

We will have a designated “sleep bus” in the middle of the night.  There will be two sleep shifts where the bus will drive ahead and wait for the riders to catch up.  Each shift will be approximately two hours.  Each driver is required to sleep for one of the shifts.  Encouragers and others may sleep if there is room on the bus.  

  • -          Online registration
  • -          Minimum $300
  • -          Copy of your medical insurance card (front and back)
  • -          BCM Medical Form
  • -          Motor Vehicle Report form & copy of driver’s license (if driving)

  • Bike equipment orders are due on October 7th.  

18. Who can I contact about more information?

Our Ride for Christ Coordinator, Conner Johnson, will be happy to answer any questions you have.  

You can also contact our staff

Money matters:

checks to BCM (memo who you want to sponsor-- with Ride For Christ indicated) BCM 450 S Lumpkin Street, Athens, GA  30605